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2 days ago my mom came home from work early because of a migrane.  Yesterday she started experiencing double vision.  Today I talked her into going to urgent care to get checked out. Urgent care referred her to the hospital for blood work and a CT scan and also noted that 1 pupil is dilated.  The CT can’t happen until Monday because she has a certain medication in her system.

I am a google addict.  Usually its a good thing, today it’s a scary thing.  I came home and started Googling all the possible things that could be wrong.  She didn’t experience any sort of head trauma.  The double vision is in both eyes and is lessened by covering 1 eye.  Binocular diplopia says google. Binocular diplopia with 1 dilated pupil. Could be hyperthyroidism, or nerve damage, or autoimmune disorder, or _____ _____ something much more serious.  That last one stopped me dead in my tracks.  I can’t even say that word.  It cannot be that.

I’m a big believer in Karma and not sending things out into the world so I’m not mentioning that one until its been completely taken off the table.

And the table has been wiped down.

And sanitized.

And burned to a crisp.

Because I can’t for a second let myself think that its that.  Cause its not.  Its me being overly paranoid.  And its a bad case of google diagnosis.  That’s it.

On a funnier note, my mom looks like a pirate.  She has a sweet eye patch.  Which I’m considering bedazzling.  Because yes, I own a bedazzler.  Jealous?!  Cause you should be.  I like bedazzling medical equipment, I bought the damn thing to use on my brace and splint when I eff’d up my elbow a couple years back but I still have it and it’s itching for usage.

I think I just needed a bit of an outlet and this here little blog has provided me with that.  I leave you with this gem….

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