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Confession time…

I have a confession to make….I’m a bit of a hoarder.  Now before you go imagining piles of paper and trash up to my ceiling, it’s not like that.  I hoard books, old books, new books, fiction, non-fiction, young adult, you name it I probably have a shelf full.  Working in a library probably isn’t helping the situation either, when people donate items we get first dibs on anything that isn’t going to go into the collection, as I result last week I walked away with a bag full of books to add to MY collection.  When we get shipments of new books in the library I’m armed with my post it notes to mark which items I want to read first and I rush them through processing.

If you were to open up my library account you would see that I have 9 items checked out right now and I’ve only started 1, the others are laying on my night stand waiting for their turn.  I’m just too busy and I know that, yet I check out items with the intention of reading them, but when I don’t get to them I get frustrated so I purchase them, adding to my overly packed book shelves.  It’s a vicious cycle and if I don’t nip it in the bud I will be one of those people you see on TV, with less mice mind you, but still it’s a bit of a problem.

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